1984 Ferrari Mondial Coupe Euro Spec

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Don’t ask me why I keep featuring these cars.  I said I would never own one again… and technically I didn’t own one of these but a 1978 308 Euro spec.  It was incredible.  It did everything you’d expect it to do. 

• Make you giggle like a school girl
• Raise your nose so slightly upwards when driving
• Attract chicks and Tom Selleck comments

I’m not sure a Mondial is on par with my 308.  In fact, I’m quite sure it’s not.  When you have to tell people it’s a Ferrari you’ve lost the magnet momentum these cars have.  
But the Ferrari experience is yours for the taking at only $19,500 on Hemmings.  Timing belt recently done, 240 hp, Recaro seats and red painted bumpers to make it looks like a T.

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