1984 Aston Martin Lagonda Sedan

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“It starts and runs well, although we’ve only driven it around the facility, so we can’t vouch for how it will run above parking lot speeds.” 
Look, you don’t need to tell me that regardless of condition this thing was a project straight out of the box.  The dash electronics never worked even though the Series III was a little better if you like that rounded styling the late 80’s brought. 
I still can’t get over the look.  Love it.  Very cool in all of its Reagan year’s splendor… except for the steering wheel.  Not sure if that will ever look good.  But it would sure make for interesting drinking and driving.  You could probably sip from a straw and never move your head.

Cars and coffee chatter: Get out your check book, you’ll probably need it just to get it home.

Find it here on ebay for the go as you bid price of $15,300 and counting…

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