1983 Land Rover Defender Series lll

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Makes Annie want to get her gun.  I personally would like to hunt lions, tigers and elephants.  I’ve never hunted before or for that matter even shot at a duck.  But imagine a 100 year rewind… rolling through the tall straw grass with shot gun drawn, the natives wondering what the f— you are doing in their back yard and nothing “PC” conjured up about the ill-effects of animal depletion.  Bam! Glory of a kill brought back to camp for dinner.  Head on the trophy wall.  Yeah, yeah, this truck is from the 80’s but I said to imagine.

Seats 11. Diesel. Right hand drive.  60mph on the freeway or 61mph on dirt. 

The guy really took some beautiful shots on the shores of Hilton Head Island where he lives.  On eBay for Buy it Now of $31,500 which in five years will feel like a bargain.  On September 18, 2011 the BIN was a bargain.  It was bid past and closed at $34,100.

“1983 LandRover VIN SALLBCAG1AA175677.  Free and clear title South Carolina. My old Ollie is FOR SALE  1983 LandRover Series lll  109. This was the last year for the series Landrovers before the 110 was introduced. Ollie is very old school. She is totally restored. The purists may turn their noses because the engine has been upgraded from the weak old petrol sewing machine to a low mileage 200 TDI (Turbo Diesel Intercooled). For the uninitiated the 200TDI is the most tried, proven bullet proof, maintenance free motor Landrover has produced. It is so simple to work on, and lasts for 500K miles before needing a rebuild. Motor is totally clean, runs smooth, quite little diesel. You won’t even get your hands dirty under the bonnet. It was toally painted engine bay before engine was installed. Motor itself is spotless and dirt free, all black. Engine has 75,500 miles on it. I put the speedo from the donor vehicle in the Series, so it shows correct.Perfectly straight body on a galvanized chassis. Right hand driver, a blast to drive. It starts immediately even after sitting for a month. We were away for entire month of July and came home and it started right away. Body is straight, shiny and very nice. A few really really minor thumb dents in passenger door, that I should be able to pop out. (caused from people who do not know how to correctly close an aluminum door) New seats all around. Dash is nearly perfect. floors excellent. carpet kit. New weather seals. Brand new Churchill safari roof rack galvanized. Galvanized ladder. Brand new soft top and hoops. New tail gate. I will have tail gate painted to match before sale completed. Takes about 3 hours to change hard top to soft top.  For those who have not driven an old school LandRover. They are not fast. They drive like a school bus. No power windows, no air conditioner, no stereo (although there is a center for one), no power door locks, no heated seats, no alarm. They do drip a little oil even though there are new seals all around. (the nature of the beast) Standard brakes, standard steering, 4 speed with top speed maybe 60mph. Having said that, its wonderful to drive, and total joy to go out as a family. All new seats and seatbelts for 11 people. The best beach runner out there. a wonderful weekend fun truck or daily driver if you are man enough.” 

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