1983 BMW 635 – $8750 (Rochester)

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Nice but it’s Recaro, not Ricaro.

Find it for sale on Detroit’s Craigslist.

“This is a rare version of a rare car.
This 635 is a gray-market (federalized euro spec) privately imported. It has the euro spec bumpers; a major styling improvement over the 5mph bumpers grafted on to the U.S. Six series cars. Its exterior color is a gray enamel, interior is gray cloth. Ricaro seats, upgraded sound system and lighting.
This car is in very good, but not perfect condition. The car has been a garage queen its entire life and that’s why I’m selling it. I just don’t drive it enough.”

  1. Sid Naylor

    She’s a beauty! I had the saloon version of this, a 735, same colour. Spacious, comfortable, quiet and safe; you could drive all day in this and step out as fresh as when you climbed in.

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