1982 Volkswagen Rabbit XL

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This is the kind of truck I would like to own.  Brand new diesel engine that will run forever, compact design that is easy to park, upgraded look to a GTi and option to paint it your color.  The guy who built it is in the business and sounds like he knows what he’s doing.

On eBay with no reserve and bidding at $305 in Woodburn, Oregon.  Pulled because it was no longer available presumably for a private sale.

“Up for auction today is a 1982 VW Rabbit Caddy Diesel 5 Speed. This truck came from a customer out of California who wanted Me to build him a show truck. This truck was a good base for that because it did not have any rust on it and had a mostly straight body. After getting started on his truck he decided to buy another truck I had just got done building. I took this truck in on part traid for the other one. This truck has about $5000.00 into it at this point not inckuding the truck. I am listing it here because I need to make room for a show truck I am building for another customer. Now the truck will need body work done on the right side just behind the door but that looks like the only mager work needed. The trucks is in need of paint. The euro round headlight convertion was done by a body shop out of Cali and they did a good job. Paint under the hood, and coor is new. The fenders, and hood are off a 79 rabbit. Grill is from a 82 GTI. The engine is from a 82 truck but was rebuilt from the ground up. The head is new from VW, new head bolts, valve seals, valves, caps, cam, front seals, rear seal, head gasket, timing belt, belt tentioner, intake exhuast gaskts, valve cover gasket, rods, bearings, rings, and oil pump. I might have left something out but I don’t think so. The interior on this truck is amzing. Doors look great, seats are good, dash is perfect no cracks at all, carpet is ok, and I just had a $400.00 headliner put in last week, looks beautiful. All the electrical works perfect. Drives very nice and get 43-49 MPG. This is a great start for a motivated VW person who wants to finish it for a show car, or if you just want a great truck to go to work and back. You can not go wrong with this one. Now I know this truck is not a beauty winner yet but is does have over $5000.00 so far into it. I also know I will probably not get that for it. I have built many of these trucks down through the years and this one is a very good truck. There are good things and bad things so I will list them in order of good then bad.
Good or New things.
1. New rebuilt engine from ground up.
2. Injection pump seals rebuilt.
3. Injectors rebuilt and pop tested.
4. New alternator.
5. New starter.
6. New battery.
7. Rebuilt vacuum pump.
8. New left side VC shaft.
9. New front left and right struts.
10. New strut mounts.
11. New front and rear tires.
12. New biodiesel injector nozzles.
13. New exaust from front to back 10k ago.
14. New headliner.
15. New brakes 1 year ago.
16. New right front ball joint
17. New timing belt and tentioner.
18. Nice dash with not cracks.
19. Rear gate is very nice shape.
20. Euro round headlight convertion.
21. Euro bumpers.
22. No rust I can see anywere on the truck.
23. 43-49 mpg.
Now for the bad.
1. Needs some body work and paint.
2. Left rear tail light is broke.
3. Missing ashtray but lighter works great.
4. No A/C.
5. Passenger seat has light stains.”

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