1982 Porsche 911SC

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“Hi Greg, my name is Paul.  I’m standing over your 911 for sale on North Territorial.”  Like he has another one for sale on the side of the road.
“Oh yes, hi Paul.”
Wasting no time he rolls right into the details.  “It’s a 1982 911SC with 73,000 miles and I’ve owned it about three years and recently had it serviced.  Asking $13,900”   I thought this was promising.  He went straight to the meat.  But that was about all the steak sauce.  He had a tune up done with “new wires that cost $360 dollars for the wires alone.” 
“Yes I know wires are expensive.”
“The guy I bought it from had a new stereo put in it.  At the time, it was one of the first stereos with satellite radio but I never hooked that up.”  Really Greg, you’re going to go with the stereo highlight?  Really?
“Uh, huh.  So Greg.  Does it have the chain tensioner upgrade?” 
“The what?”  
I skipped asking about the pop-off valve on the air box.
“Do you have any service history?”
“Well like I said, I did the tune up and have probably only driven it 3,000 miles since I’ve owned it.”
“Sure.  Do you have a folder with documents from past owners?  I like to see valve adjustment records, oil changes, anything that shows me care of ownership over the years.”
“Oh, yeah.  Well I just moved from a 3,500 sq. ft. home to 1,000.  That’s why I’m selling the car.  I have no where to store it.  During that move I had my office packed up and I can’t find the file with that stuff in it.”
“I’m going to think on it a bit.  Thanks for your time.”

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