1982 Maserati Quattroporte

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The 80’s still haven’t made a comeback but one day they will and this car will look better to many, all up with its angles and everything.  
Yet, I struggle with the idea of a Maser highway honcho or something more current like a Phaeton.  When you end up driving old vehicles on a daily basis, which I do, nick picky stuff that you might accept as “character” on a weekend drive become annoying.  Windows that don’t operate just right, exhaust fumes  trickling into the cab, a/c or no a/c, stereos you want to keep original but suck, road noise preventing good Bluetooth chats, gas mileage that’s in the toilet, etc.  
So do I think this is a buttery classic that will turn some heads?  Yup.  But practically speaking, I’d be much happier sucking down fuel in a Phaeton with the pedal to the wood.  
On eBay in Louisiana for $10,500 or Make Offer.  This one looks really well sorted and maintained.

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