1982 Maserati Quattroporte

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UPDATE: This closed for $2,025.

Get the insanity drugs out.  This one is in my backyard and cheap enough for me to chuck benjamins.  But with an engine knock, I can say happily I have a high tolerance for drugs and won’t be trippin’ my way down to Troy for this one.  On eBay, $2K no reserve.

UPDATE: I spoke with the owner, yes I have to get my fix somehow, and the car sounds decent enough.  He did the head gasket and the noise started one week later.  He said maybe the bearings went, which you have to pull the engine to remove the oil pan to look.  Or maybe, the gasket is interfering with the piston on warm up.  The noise only happen when it’s hot, not cold on first start.  Or maybe…

  1. empm

    DON’T DO IT GROOSH! DON’T DO IT! I have always hated the fake spray-on tan orange interior of these things. Plus the puffy seats. The interior on this was dated as soon as it left the factory. Love the exterior, though. You remember the one that was at that house on the corner of Franklin & Lone Pine? It was dark blue or black (I think). Sharp looking car.

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