1980 Modern Replica Version of Amphibious SEEP, GPA, DUKW

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UPDATE: Looks like the reserve wasn’t met on April 26, 2011 with one bid at the opening price of $50K.

Original Post:  I’ve always liked the idea of having one of these.  Armageddon is around the corner don’t you know.  And I’m going to be the only one prepared to cross the water from Detroit into Canada when the bridges and tunnels are blown.  We’re all going to meet at Lafayette Coney Island before making the jump.

On eBay in Miami, Florida for a starting bid of $50,000.

 “Very unique and capable amphibious vehicle. Only used in fresh water. 12v system. Rule bilge pumps and high water alarms. Cabin has front and rear A/C blowing cold air. Bottom treated with rhino liner. Painted with jet black awl grip marine paint throughout on top of the corresponding awlgrip primer coats. Seats 5 inside. Multimedia mp3/touchscreen music system with camera system to monitor bilge. Updated with later model Jeep outside mirrors, Mercedes Benz lights and door handles and current navigation lights. Solar panel on roof can maintain extra battery for back up trolling motor or other accessories. 

When comparing to other amphibious vehicles please take into account that this is not a World War II era restored amphibious, but rather a modern day vehicle made from readily available parts and vehicles. While it was expensive to build, the reasoning is that it is simple to maintain or find replacement parts. This is not a vehicle made to look good in somebody’s warehouse, but rather a vehicle made to be used and enjoyed every day, in many types of situations and terrain.  Engine comes from a donor 2.7 Isuzu diesel and runs like a champ. The vehicle has been always maintained in excellent running and swimming condition. Has never been off-road except for testing and I can attest that it is a very capable 4×4 off-road vehicle as well.”

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