1977 Triumph Dolomite Sprint

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As one of fifteen known in the US, $19,500 will buy you exclusivity out of Georgia which it sold for on November 12, 2011.  I really like the dual headlights with the front rake of the hood.  It of course looks BMW but the rest of the package is uniquely British.


“I have a small British car repair shop and am often asked to buy or sell cars for my clients. This is one such occassion. Understanding that time is a difficult commodity to come by, this particular client has decided to turn his full attentions to his horses and sell the other object of his affection. We know of just fifteen Triumph Dolomite Sprints in the United States. Amoung them this example is recognized by many as the nicest. To see this car in person and to drive it will make you wonder if there are any as nicer in the world. This Sprint has a clear Georgia title. To learn more about Dolomite Sprints in general, go here:
Amoung this car’s credits are a class win at the VTR (Vintage Triumph Registry) concourse with 395.5 points out of a possible 400 (Gold Certificate awarded) in October, 2010 and the same in July, 2007 with a score of 385.5 (Gold Certificate awarded). This reflects the fact that this car is continually loved and improved.
Also, this Sprint was featured in an article in Classic Motorsports Magazine in September, 2010. In this article the Sprint received high praise. That issue can be purchased here (or you may even have it in your collection already):
This Sprint was the subject of a full restoration including a bare metal respray and a new gearbox and overdrive unit in Britain prior to being brought to the United States by Richard Truett in September of 2005. Mr. Truett is considered the VTR’s Dolomite Sprint Expert and is the former Engineering reporter for Automotive News, the largest US newspaper for the auto industry. While Mr. Truett owned the car he continued to improve her by upgrading the camshaft to a “fast road” cam, adding drilled and slotted front brake rotors, green stuff front brake pads, poly suspension bushings, new radiator, rebuilt the carburetors, replaced the timing chain, gears and tensioner, installed a new stainless steel free flow exhaust system and installed new engine and transmission mounts. Since coming to the US, Amsoil synthetic oil is all that has been used in the engine. Mr. Truett also installed uprated suspension springs and 4 new shocks.
The current owner bought the Sprint from Mr. Truitt in June of 2008. Since then he has continued to maintain the Sprint at a high standard and continued to improve her. He sent the distributor to Jeff Schlemmer at Advanced Distributor (THE guy to rebuild your Lucas distributor) and had him make it better than new and install Pertronix electronic ignition for added reliability. The current owner also installed a new master light switch and indicator stalk, new H-rated steel radials, four wheel alignment and powder coated the air filter housing. This car lives a charmed life and is always kept in a nice dry garage. The Sprint is driven to car shows regularly and taken out for Sunday drives to stretch her legs.
My Inspection: The rear brakes have new wheel cylinders and very good rear shoes. The brake hoses look recently replaced. The front brakes are excellent. The suspension bushings, rack boots and tie rods are excellent. The driveshaft is tight and looks rebuilt. All the gauges work including the tastefully added oil pressure gauge. All lights work as well as all switches. The glass is all crystal clear and everything works.
Driving Miss Dolly: What a treat.With a pull on the choke and a turn of the key, her 16 valve four cylinder comes to life instantly and settles down into a smooth idle. She accelerates very smoothly with plenty of power. The gearbox shifts very smoothly, without any fuss and the electric Overdrive snaps quickly in when enagaged. This car has a nice tight turning radius and handles like a dream. The brakes work very well and stop the car very straight and smart. The drivetrain makes no odd noises and remains smooth throughout it’s range. The engine temperature never climbs past the 1/2 mark and the oil pressure is strong. There is no smoke ever and she is obviously in a great state of health.
A DVD detailing the restoration in the UK will be given to the new owner. If you would like to own a truly exceptional example of a Triumph Dolomite Sprint, this is a great opportunity! Please do not hesitate to email with any questions or to request specific pictures. If you request more pictures, please include your email address. There is no need for a trailer to collect this car. I would head out to California in her tomorrow if I needed to, no worries. This car would be impossible to duplicate at the “Buy it now” price and represents a true bargain on a rarely seen in the US, ultra cool, fast and comfortable British performance sedan.
We are in Georgia and we recommend a test drive and up close inspection to fully appreciate this car’s appeal. Please email your contact information to make arrangements.”

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