1976 Checker Aerobus-Checker Taxi Limousine

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Didn’t Nissan Leaf get the New York city taxi contract after they booted Lincoln?  I’ve taken enough cabs in my day but can’t say I’ve ever lived the days of Checker.  And really isn’t that what was, is and will always be viewed as a taxi?  They are unique and special.

My wife and I got picked up by a “green cab” company a few weeks ago for the auto prom (the black tie charity night for the Detroit Auto Show).  We wanted to party and what better than to have someone else be the DD?  Too bad DD stood for dumb it down, keep it on the dull and dope or better yet, you called the disconnected deliverers because these drivers were simply punching a time clock on their way to a better life dream.  

I would have thought that somebody who started a green cab company with Priusi and Jetta diesels would hire hip, happenin’ or at least half way there people.  Maybe they are harder to come by than I think.  On the way home at 1AM from MGM in Detroit, my wife feared our green driver was going to need his next fix and detour to the corridor.  In the end he was nice enough but we figured it may have been cheaper and certainly more comforting to hire a limo than jump a taxi.  

Regarding this taxi, I’d probably have to pass as much as I like the novelty of it.  That floor doesn’t suggest late night coney, it demands it.  And as much as I love Lafayette, and I do love me some Lafayatte Coney, it doesn’t love me the next morning.  And I’ve got a better life dream to deal with in the AM.

On eBay out of Georgia for $8,990 to start the bidding with no reserve.   

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  1. Ron Rickard

    We actually went and saw this Aerobus (my friend owns one already). This is siting in the backwoods of GA, near a shop. It has fallen into much disrepair since it has been parked. It needs a new paint job, and a lot of interior work. Also this conversion has a false floor which makes it hard to get around in. It’s really sad because these are amazing cars.

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