1975 Yamaha Enduro 400 – $900 (Rockford, MI)

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I love the look of the old enduros.  This one is really clean with good decals and seat intact.  I recently bought a 1970 Honda CT70 and the owner had one of these in the garage set up for ice racing.  He’s a long time oval dirt racer turned ice runner in the winter.  Next to a small bike like the CT70 the 400 is intimidatingly big.  
Professionally studded tires will run you roughly $600 a pair.  Certain screw patterns they have developed gets-your-bite-on the ice better than you’ll ever have on dirt.  You also have to drape the front and rear tires about 1″ inch from the tire itself down past the axle with additional fenders.  That way you have less chance of shredding the legs of your next drinking buddy. 
“good shape runs good 5,200 miles have title!
On Grand Rapids Craigslist.

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