1974 Ford Bronco 1 owner 52k Actual Miles True Museum Quality Survivor

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$_57-1 $_57-2 $_57-3

The last ’75 Bronco I posted with a stated 8,860 miles went for $42,149.  This one certainly has the same potential on eBay in Portland, Oregon.  The market is really starting to move on quality, original SUVs.

“How can I describe a vehicle that is a true piece of Americana that belongs in a museum. This truck is original from the front bumper to the rear bumper. everything is original down to every nut and bolt. the only things that are not original are the tires.The paint and the interior is absolutely flawless and perfect. Remember this is a survivor and not a restored vehicle in any shape or form. My dad purchased this truck brand new on 10/08/1973 from Lynn Kirby Ford in Portland Oregon.Since then it has been babied and taken care of like a fine piece of art. It has spent its whole life in a heated and air conditioned garage and has never seen rain.The top has never even been taken off in its entire life. This 1974 Bronco Ranger has to be the best survivor in the world period. If the speedometer said this vehicle had 100 miles on it you would believe it; it is simply that new. I hope the person that wins this auction takes care of it the way it has been taken care of its whole life. As a matter of fact i hope it goes to a museum. When I took the photos of my Bronco i didn’t even clean it. The way you see it is the way it has been kept its entire life. So you are looking at an undetailed vehicle. I didn’t even put a vacuum to it. A lot more could be said about this vehicle.”

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