1974 Alfa Romeo Berlina GTV 2000

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“You are bidding on my pride and joy 74 Alfa GTV 2000 that was customized from the bottom up in 2010 and only driven about five hundred miles since. $5,200 was spent alone on Edelman hides and then stitched with Ferrari red thread onto Corbeau seats, this is the softest glove leather you can find and durable as well. The motor was rebuilt into a healthy but not peaky 158hp, a rebuilt 5-speed with close ratio gears, a Alfaholics LSD and Alfaholics stainless steel exhaust system wrapped in Titanium wrap. It is equipped with a Alfaholics 55L aluminum fuel cell with foam and remote fill, Roll Bar painted to match and padded, Alfaholics billet ($1,500) brake, clutch and gas pedals, battery jumper posts in a custom leather trunk. The body has GTA door handles and locks ($2,000+ don’t even ask) and painted by a world renowned painter John Wargo at the Custom Shop in LeMans Blue which was a European color for two years which the GTV body looks stunning in. I changed the grille and rear end to the better looking 1750 style in lieu of the GTV 2000 tail lights and grille.

The instruments are by Classic Instruments dot com and are exceptional and back lighted, the Audio system is hi end and features amps, and seven speakers including a sub woofer which has a Alfa grille surround and emblem and is all back lit and stuff that I am not even sure of it is fairly complex. The Kenwood display has a back up camera and GPS and all the other goodies, Bluetooth and iphone hookup etc. My intention was to have a custom matching Twin Spark installed at some point but then I would have over a hundred k invested and stopped short of that but anyone who has unlimited money could certainly turn this into a very special or more special car than it already is.”
Ummm… there’s no accounting for taste.  On a positive note, I like it from the outside and the seats look really cushy!
On eBay for $34,000 to start, no reserve in Bloomington, Illinois.

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