1973 Porsche 914 2.0

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I was really close to pulling the trigger on this when the Buy it Now was $1,426.  The motor was worth that alone and I thought I could use it in another chassis.  This chassis was hit in the rear and has rusted rockers.  It’s a repaint over yellow, with over spray everywhere and undercoating in the trunks.  Yuk.

But then I himmed.  Then hawed.  Mostly because George the owner didn’t call after an email Friday and a second email Saturday.  I wasn’t going to buy it without communication from the owner.  

He finally called Sunday night at 6PM and told me he had a low reserve to get the bidding going.  Maybe he didn’t call me back on purpose because by that time, someone bid it up past the reserve, the Buy it Now was gone.  So now it was going to be a battle to the finish if I was still interested after our chat.  You know what?  I really wasn’t.  

The final bid was $1,650.  Pick it up in Florence, Kentucky. 


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