1973 Porsche 914 2.0

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UPDATE: This sold for $2,025 on February 14, 2011.

UPDATE: This was relisted here without a BIN and starting bid of $1,500.  The reserve may be set at $2,500 which was the previous BIN, we’ll see.  The owner was victim of two scams who bought the car for the BIN but then canceled their bids.  He’s got a website with more photos, email me if you are interested.

UPDATE: This car sold same day for $2,500 as I went back to look at it and maybe pull the trigger. Snooze you lose.

A 914 was going to be my first car.  However, pre-galvanized steel at salt mix way too good.  This one has the typical rust in the hell hole but looks pretty clean for the price.  Could be a decent runner for not much money and the asking price is not out of line, in fact appears to be a slight bargain.  After the 914-6, the ’73 2.0 liter continues to be the most desirable 914 around. 

Find it here on eBay is South Carolina for Buy it Now of $2,500.

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