1973 Pinzgauer 710K – $23000 (Concord, NC)

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40 years old at a cost of $400,000 to build.  Darn.  This would be cool to own.

On Charlotte Craigslist.

“This IS the ULTIMATE Off-Road vehicle! Meet the1973 Styer-Daimler-Puch Pinzgauer 710K! The work-horse of the Swiss Military.
It has a 4 cylinder air cooler gas engine that develops max torque at 3 kilometer per hour. It has a Hi/Low transmission and hydraulic shift-on-the-fly transfer case that allows front wheel, rear wheel, or true (all) 4 wheel drive. It’s Portal Axel 4-wheel drivetrain gives it exceptional ground clearance.
The Pinzgauer was the mainstay off road vehicle for the Swiss Military. The 710K is a Radio truck that sold for $400,000.00 in 1973 because it set the standard for off road military vehicles in that era and was responsible for much of the technology used in our military Hummers today.
This Pinzgauer has been customized by Cold War Remarketing in Littleton, Colorado and has the following upgrades: 5 new Interco TRXUS M Radial R-16 tires, new paint, new shocks, boots and steering stabilizer; Civilian DOT windshield, headlights and tail lights; Petronix Electronic ignition, 24/12 volt 20 amp sine-wave voltage reducer, Flasher can, signal splitter and back up light, Step Hubs; New muffler and exhaust system, new rubber rub/side rails and Rear Mud Flaps.
The engine has been jetted for the Southeast United states. The twin carbs are timed and tuned for quick push-button starting. All hydraulic systems have been flushed and replaced with synthetic-blend fluids.
It comes with Swiss Army tool kit, Black-out curtains, multiple gun racks, Radio Desk, NATO Jerry can and NATO fuel nozzle, Shovel, Axe, Hydraulic Jack and a Very heavy duty set of snow chains.
Most Pinzgauer’s in the US are the 2-door 710 Troop carrier model with canvas top. These do not have door locks. The Pinzgauer 710K Radio Truck is a RARE model with 6 doors; more like a 4-wheel drive van) that has a full hard top and door locks.
Extras include original Swiss army service records, carb tuning tools, spare air cleaner, Service Manual and original electronic parts.
This price is firm, so please, NO bartering for a reduced price. I will offer a $1,500 Discount for CASH However.”

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  1. Mark

    We have one of these at our ranch. I love to drive it around the property with my sons. They like to stick their heads out the turret up top. $23k isn’t bad for this one. They’re not fast, but they’ll go darn near anywhere.

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