1973 Opel GT

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Not sure if I could justify the money since I already have a trophy wife and no room left in the case for these babies. Phat wheels though.
On Hemmings by a private seller in Downers Grove, Illinois for $14,000.

Interesting to note that Hemmings has two other Opel GTs listed. One for $12K and the other for $18,995.  They are excellent examples but I’m surprised the asking prices are that high. 

“Retired Show Car: Opel GT’s were only made and imported from 1968 to 1973. (31 cars were imported in 1968), (19,489 in 1969), (21,100 in 1970), (9370 in 1971), (12,805 in 1972) and only (7427 were imported in 1973) making it the second rarest year. The split color rear taillights mean this car was built late in the serial production run as early 1973 cars came with solid yellow and solid red taillights. This car carries a Factory Production Date Of May 1973 and production ended in June 1973 making this car one of last GTs ever made.
Professionally Appraised for $20,000 in 1996 (That is $31,160 in 2011 dollars)”

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