1973 Datsun 510 BRE Tribute Car Authorized and signed by Peter Brock

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“Let me start off with this was my brother Ford’s car, that he worked on and fretted over for many years and I bought it from him soon before he died, to help clear up loose ends in his estate. I will tell you all I know and can remember about the car, but some details you may have to learn yourself. Brother Ford had been in racing all his life and was an accomplished car builder and go-cart builder/racer, so he knew what he was doing and you can see that in his results. The BRE “Tribute look” was my idea and done after his death, Ford was more interested “set up” than esthetics. When looking for the decals and stripes I found Peter Brock’s website (he’s still alive) and ordered the complete package as well as the rights to build a “look alike” or Tribute Vehicle. Mr Brock has the trademark rights, the car is good to go and show. Ford never raced the 510 but we did participate in 5 Track Days run at Gratten Raceway in Greenville Mi. When Ford bought the car it was a race car but I have no history of when or where. I drove the cat at 2 of the Track Days, it ran great, it was fun to drive, there were no surprises and it received much attention. It’s difficult to say how competitive the car is because Track Day is open to all classes and there were no vintage race cars from that era or class. The pictures tell most of the story and if you have specific questions don’t hesitate to call me. The most important thing to remember “it’s a race car” the pictures look great but there are imperfections, dings, dents and so on but I think it’s ready to race right now and that might be the best way to determine what you have.”

Brock owns the rights to build a look alike vehicle?  Interesting.  How do I get to do that?

On eBay with a reserved start of $100 in Gaylord Focker, Michigan.

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