1972 Porsche 914 solid no rust RUNS DRIVES STOPS

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“1972 Porsche 914. Very solid car, see the picture of the floor pans below. Car is from Texas. Has a nice set of chrome wheels!

Car starts, runs, drives and stops. I can send you a video we took of it driving yesterday, just text me a request.

Great restoration candidate, or just polish it up and drive it like it is. Rat Rods are in style!”

I’m reminded of the scene from Charlie Wilson’s War when Hoffman says to the arms dealer:

“I’m just sayin’ you could park a f–kin’ battleship behind the right hand and no one is going to notice because they’ll be too busy worrying about the cocaine charges Charlie is up against behind the left.”   Or something like that.

Point being.  This owner takes pictures of the clean, rust free floor pan meanwhile the battery has been relocated to the trunk and the passenger wheel well could be resting on the tire for all we know.

Thanks to reader Dave for this forward.  On eBay in North Canton, Ohio for $3,250 BIN.

Since I couldn’t find the scene I wanted, here’s another good one.  No reason this can’t be fun you know.


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