1972 Honda Civic Z Coupe

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“Rare Barn Find!!
I found this car two weeks ago in a barn covered in dust, it ran when parked four years ago and has not been touched since.
It is not currently running needs: tires, battery, ignition switch, gas needs drained and parking break needs freed.
Car is rare and solid for its age – the miles are original and only rust issues are in the back rear (see pics) corners.
Interior is great shape – no rips or tears – solid floor and no cracks in windows.
Would not take much to get running and definitely worth restoring.”
“Original” 76,071 miles with 37 years of stellar maintenance as evidenced by a fire extinguisher that could put out a barn size fire it came from.   
On eBay in York, South Carolina with reserved bidding at $800.

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