1972 Ford Bronco – $4500

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Cool history and looks to be original. Might clean up a bit with spit and polish.

For sale on Detroit Craigslist.

“I have a 72 Ford bronco for sale.. The Bronco belonged to grandpa and is a two owner vehicle.. I received it in 2001.. The bronco was parked in 1979 and has 44,000 original miles..It was barn keep until I received it.. I simply installed a battery and poured gas in and drove it home…I also moved it in 2004 driving it again to its new home.. The truck has 302 3-speed on the column 4×4 with the t- shift.. It has been stored inside since.. It is all original with original parts including plugs, wires, points and all. This truck will start and run and drive but has no brakes and a bad gas line.. The only thing missing is the front bumper.. I am asking 4500.00 in cash 5500.00 in trade. Things of interest would be Chevy Tahoe,truck,Yukon, Harley Davidson, sand rail, muscle car, anything with a motor..”

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