1971 Triumph TR6

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“This is an unrestored Triumph TR6. Has been in storage and covered since the early 80’s. Have the original keys, 1973 title and manuals. Two owner car. Great vehicle to restore while you drive and enjoy. Engine properly prepped and is running great. Brand new clutch master and slave cylinder, water pump, fuel pump, battery, oil, plugs, points, etc. Oil, coolant and fuel drained and filled. Engine and drivetrain original to vehicle. Has wire wheels and original triumph radio. This TR6 shows patina and general age from being driven before being stored because of job relocation. Frame, trunk, rockers and floors are solid. Needs: brakes and clutch need to be bled, hole in exhaust, and some minor cosmetics depending upon your intentions.”

This would be my choice for sure.   Great original car and a great price.  

On Hemmings in Loganville, Georgia for only $5,500

  1. Mike

    Something to look for on these cars is the condition of the frame. The frames are a weak point and should be checked out with an ice pick, or screwdriver for rot. The differential mounts are also a problem to look for in these cars. If you hear that sickening clunk while shifting, it is probably bad mounts. The seats are correct for a 71. 70 and 71 were the same seats.The 69 model had headrests that folded down to accommodate the tonneau cover. In 73 they put a headrest in that was adjustable. The earlier seats were better and more comfortable. 69, thru 72 were higher compression motors. I do like the wire wheels. Hardtop, wire wheels and overdrive were the only options.

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