1971 Porsche 914 – $2500 (Royal Oak)

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The last thing I need is another 914 especially one with a fiberglass 916 kit being pushed around by the stock 1.7.  But I called anyway.  Seems after selling the CT70 and my air compressor yesterday, I’m flush with holes in my pockets.  Damn it’s hot in my pants.
Skip who is a dealer but seems like he knows the owner told me the story.  A repaint last year, pretty certain it has 66K miles, body kit done in the 80’s, some records in a folder.  Clean interior and it runs ok.  Needs a little tune up from sitting so long.  Battery box is good. 
He has somebody looking at it at 5PM and didn’t want me to squeeze in at noon.  That’s a solid guy.  If I get the call tomorrow, I’ll be dragging the kids around once again.  Sell your other cars Paul, sell your other cars.
On Craigslist Detroit. 

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