1971 Porsche 911T Enjoying the Snow

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They don’t salt my streets and I live off of a dirt road which they don’t salt either. It makes for year round driving.  Today there is that huge blizzard bearing down on the Midwest and all I could think about was getting out in the 911 and testing the famed rear engine, rear drive snow gripping platform.  Too bad my tires suck.  There just wasn’t much traction to be had so I stayed in the neighborhood.  The dirt roads don’t get plowed as frequently and develop deep ruts.  If you are forced to pass another car coming from the opposite direction, you pull to the side where few venture and many get stuck.  I didn’t want to turn good-clean-fun into find-friends-to-push, so what you see is what I got. Albeit with a big grin.

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  1. Anonymous

    Donuts in the Snow! Love it! The sort of fun we can never enjoy here in SoCal today, with a Santa Ana blowing the skies into the mid-70s. I’m both envious and glad I don’t live in a winter climate 🙂

    –Dana in Palos Verdes

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