1971 Porsche 911

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UPDATE: On June 7, 2011 the seller dumped this for $7K.

UPDATE: Hit the read more link for the pictures he sent.  It looks pretty solid and was originally orange.  It’s a sportomatic tranny (I have a 4spd if you need it) and he’s willing to do $10K for the pleasure. 

UPDATE:  Spoke to the listing person who I believe is part of a large auto conglomerate back east based on his eBay ID.  He said they bought this warehouse and 10 classic cars were inside.  This is the last one.  I asked about accident damage on the back based on the replaced bumper.  He played dumb or is and said look at the VIN. Um yeah bud, the VIN on a ’71 doesn’t play in Carfax’s database.

If there were more details on this car, I’d give them to you.  No pictures of interior or engine, no description or write up whatsoever.  Stated zero mileage.  Script on grille is missing even though it should be a 2.2.  No phone number to call.  Crap he even spelled Porshe wrong. So why in the heck would you hit the Buy it Now for $18,000?  Or even the $13,000 he lowered it to.


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