1969 Chris Cycle Italian Mini Bike – $550 (Metro Area)

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“Coolest minibike of the late ’60’s, early ’70’s. A complete classic. If you had one you know, if your friend had one you lusted for it.

Totally blew away the Rupps, the Lil Indians and the Honda Mini Trails.

We’d all go down to Jonimo’s Hobby Shop in Livonia and drool over this amazing machine.

Made in Italy, 3 speed, kick start, lights, horn, front and rear suspension, the Chris Cycle Mini Bike was the one to have.

And now you can!

I don’t know but it may classify as a moped, probably the coolest one around.

This one is nearly complete and, although I haven’t started it, turns over and appears to shift through the gears just fine.

You’ll probably never run into one of these again.

This guy goes on and on… don’t he?  But in the end he sold me.  3-speed, kick start, lights, horn, front and rear suspension.  That would have been sweet.  I had a Rupp mini bike with a Briggs & Stratton pull-start 5-horse.  It was no twelve horse, but it did the job.  I can only imagine all the bells and whistles this one had to help me terrorize the neighborhood. 
Beep!  Get out of my way bicycle chumps.  
Kill the light Groosh the cops are on us.  No problem.
Hey mom, I’m home.  I’m going to sit on the couch for a while and play Intellivision since my butt isn’t sore.  
Yeah you’re right… at age 12 it took more than an hour of minibike riding with or without suspension to ruin a butt for Intellivision.  Astrosmash is all I’m sayin’. 
On Craigslist Detroit.

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  1. George

    They were great mini bikes. I had one from 1967 through 1971. It would get up to about 31 mph and was street legal. Always started and every kid on my block wanted to ride it. The 2 cycle gas was a pain to mix but that’s just the way it was. It was small enough to fit in the back seat of my mom’s Chevy Impala. When I got my learner’s permit, we got a license plate on it and I could ride it on the streets in our rather large housing tract.

    Was a fun gig and was truly one of the high points of my youth.

  2. DrGMatic

    That’s my bike. On and On? It was and is, a great little motorcycle. I have 3 of them.

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