1968 Mercedes 200D Manual Project – $3000 (Ann Arbor)

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“I have a 1968 200D Diesel Mercedes with manual transmission for sale. It runs well and drives but has some issues. I bought it as a project I am moving out west now and need the money so it needs to go.
The good – pretty minimal rust given the year. has new factory mercedes floor pans welded in but still has rust in the bottoms of the fenders and some in the rockers. Engine runs strong, had the valves adjusted by Dieselworks in Ann Arbor about a month ago and mechanic said it should run for a long time to come. Brakes are good, heat works, interior is pretty decent, blue leather, front seats in good condition, back seats OK but are rough along the top. Transmission and clutch seem strong but needs shift bushings pretty badly. Also has new battery. All glass is good.

The Bad – It’s driveable now but the brakes should probably be bled and fluid changed, it will stop but pedal is pretty soft. Transmission needs shift bushings. The biggest issue (and I only say it’s the biggest because I can’t figure out what it is) is that there is some kind of whine while driving that I can’t figure out the source of. I originally thought it was a worn out differential because it basically sounds like straight cut gears (does it through all gears and even while clutch is engaged). I would still think it was a bad differential, except that diesel works put it on a lift and ran it and there is no noise when on the lift so this leads me to believe that it’s probably either a carrier bearing or a wheel bearing, ie something that needs weight on it to make the noise. Haven’t had the time to pinpoint it yet though. Other irritating thing is that it doesn’t have power steering but I doubt many of these did.”

I still have a soft spot in my head for these after owning a 240D.  Slow and steady with no pace lowers the blood pressure since you can’t make haste.  Until you experience getting nowhere fast, it’s hard to appreciate the driving style.     

On Ann Arbor Craigslist.

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