1968 Jaguar One Owner (convertible) (metro detroit)

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“This is my grand mothers car,one owner car been in the garage almost 20 years.this car is very solid, all original, it ran when parked.great project car. The price is negotiable but no low balling.
Please serious buyers only.

We can’t find the key but we have the clean MI title

The body is great
Doors trunk and top open and close like new
Original leather cover and spare in the trunk
Also the front grill is in the trunk
There is very little rust
I forgot to check the miles on the car but as soon as I do I’ll add to post
I’m not sure which engine it has
Manual trans
All glass is good
Interior needs to be redone and top or just seats because
door panels and dash just need good cleaning no tears or cracks”

On Ann Arbor Craigslist or maybe not.

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  1. Anonymous

    What in the F— is this person talking about. This is car in search of a compactor. Unless this is vehicle No. 1 in production this should be put out of its misery.
    I especially like the Big Gulp cup in the footwell, it looks new… They couldn’t even bother to take the crap off the hood for the picture. – Mike G.

    • Paul "Groosh" Grusche

      I was the first to call but didn’t pull the trigger. I called back 35 minutes later and it was sold for $11K. The owner was on the way to Detroit to meet the buyer. Price Tracker from eBay puts the low at $36K. There was a ton of upside in this one. I’m sorry I hesitated.

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