1968 Austin Moke Jeep – $3999 (N. San Diego County)

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“… I will not sell it to someone long distance who has not inspected the moke in person.  And I won’t take 50 pictures of it and email them to you. Come see it in person or let someone else who WILL come see it buy it and then forever wonder if you “shoulda” come to see it. If you want to see more pics to determine if it’s worth your time to drive down, understand that when I sell it I’m already losing money on this and it’s not worth my time to take pictures of it for you. So save us both time and don’t contact me. I’m sick of craigslist flakes saying how they want to vtec it or drop an STI or Silvia driveline in it and turn it into some 900lb drift car. I don’t care if you’re going to put a JET TURBINE in it and fly it to the next PGA Tournament and use it to caddy Tiger Woods around because it makes such a cute street legal golf cart… I don’t have time for your stories. If you want it, call and set up a time to come see it and buy it if you like it. If you don’t have the money because you first need to sell your First Gen Star Wars collection or you need to wait until your granny’s will is out of probate, don’t contact me until you have a handful of cash to waft under my nose. Oh, and if you’re married PLEASE get a notarized affidavit from the spouse giving you permission to spend your money however you want. None of this “My wife/husband won’t let me buy it” crap. If you don’t have a pair or can’t grow a pair or at least strap on a pair, don’t contact me. Likewise if you needs your interwebz MM forum buddies’ armchair auto-restorer’s 2pence worth of pants-around-ankles pontifications to tell you what you should think 😉  

It’s a moke. It’s rusty. It’s pretty complete. The motor runs. And it’s at least 66% cheaper than any other moke currently out there. Find one better for cheaper? Then buy that one. Did I say it’s rusty? yea, I did.

Are you kidding me?  He could have snapped the bloody 50 pictures in the time it took to write this dissertation.  Glad he’s already losing money, he sounds like a prick.

On Craigslist in Inland Empire, California.  Thanks again to Dana for this entertaining Craigslist forward.

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  1. Williamcsp

    $3999??!! He’s married to this bucket.

    Next time you visit So Cal, we should go visit this guy with a video camera. It would be hilarious to put it up on YouTube.

  2. Groosh

    Let’s hope he talks as pretty as his writing. It actually is pretty funny stuff.

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