1966 Volkswagen Bus Westfalia

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Not sure why this guy is touting “Westfailia”… oh wait I see. He says his bus was brought from Germany to Portland for a “camper” conversion that “some say are more rare than a Westfalia.

I think he has falia’d to realize that if I wanted to go camping with carpet and a couch, I’d pull them off my porch.  The trick is dragging the fridge and stove along so my PBR is cold while I light a smoke off the burner.  Westfalia had it figured out.

Still an incredibly clean and well done restoration… and I’ll give him props for the props.  They always add an emotional appeal.
On eBay in Tacoma, Washington with a reserve starting at $200. On September 24, 2011 it failed to pass the reserve and closed at $15,101.

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