1966 Mustang – $6500 (Bakersfield)

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Ok, so if you read the previous post on the El Camino, you learned I’m not much for muscle cars.  However, a Mustang was close to being my first car so I have a soft spot for them.  
I cut lawns to raise $1,000 and my dad matched my earnings for a total of $2K.  My dad and I searched for months looking for a clean, relatively rust free early Mustang before I was 16.  That was after we passed on the first one we saw, a 1968 red with white vinyl top, notch back, 289 beauty.  Why?  Transmission was slipping and it was already $500 over my $2,000 budget.  By the time we realized the mistake we made, the guy decided not to sell it.  
Don’t make that mistake here.  If you want a six cylinder, numbers matching, original car, this is it.

“This car has been in a dry storage unit since 1981 and only has 54,000 original miles on it.The last time the car was inspected was 1980.The body is almost flawless with just a couple of rust spots and a few dings.The interior is also in good shape.It is a 6 cyl car and auto tranny.All numbers match.I might consider trade depending on what you have.”
Find it here on Craigslist in Bakersfield, Missouri.

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