1965 Jeep Mighty Mite 422-A1

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You should read the description for yourself but let me give a “boo ya, hoo ya” to these two yutes.  At 1,500 hundred pounds with aluminum bodies they got to be fun to toss around in the dirt.

Find them relisted on eBay in Corpus Christy, Texas starting at $500 after only bidding to $1,086.

“You are looking at two Mighty Mite 422A1 “mini jeeps”.  These are vehicles built for the U.S. Government/U.S Marine Corp. back in the early 60’s.  They are all aluminum bodied, independent suspension, all terrain vehicles powered by an air-cooled V4 engine manufactured by Wisconsin Motors.  Total weight is 1500 lbs.  The silver Mite has a clear Colorado title w/VIN #2260.  The green ‘parts’ Mite is all original with U.S. Marine Corp. markings still on body (I was going to use green Mite body on silver Mite chassis for all original unit) has VIN #1843 but I have no title for it.  Both still have all the original plaques in place and desiginate U.S. Government Property.  The silver Mite WAS RUNNING when I got them about 3 years ago and it is COMPLETE but needs restoration.  The green Mite is mostly all there and with a few parts could be also made into a complete vehicle.  I have two spare ‘long’ block engines, spare heads, flywheels, clutch parts, transmission, driveshafts, and various other misc. parts.  Most can be rebuilt and some are questionable, but EVERYTHING goes with the package.”


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