1962 Chevrolet Corvair Greenbrier Ambulance

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“1962 Corvair Amblewagon for sale.  Special orders were taken from dealers only in 1962.  All accessories are included: gurney, fire extinguisher (charged), Resuscitator, buddy seat.  I will include the fun accessories with it, firemans blanket, lightup skeleton doctor, doctor bag, mannequin lady (detatched fingers in bedpan), etc.  I have the original paperwork from Chevrolet Motor Division.  The serial # is 2R125F-100001.  I purchased this from Mecum auction in 2008 from Bob McDorman Chevrolet near Columbus Ohio.  I used it for my Daughters wedding and a couple of local car shows.  I don’t know the mechanical details like engine size, etc.  Everything is original that I know of.  I have an appraisal from 2010 for $47,500.00. “

Slightly better than owning a firetruck as you can park it in a garage and get around like a regular car.   I really love the detail, colors and originality.  But what to do with it other than not use it for my daughter’s wedding.  Isn’t there some superstition about driving in an ambulance on your wedding day?  No?  Well there should be.  

Wonder what the guy paid for it in 2008.  On Hemmings in Amanda, Ohio for $29,500.


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