1961 Thunderbird – $2500 (St. Joseph)

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My buddy Chris “Coon Daddy” Coons has a Thunderbird in the same color. C-Daddy was in the band Blue Zebra.  They jammed.  He and his band mate, Fisher, shared the spotlight as both sang and played lead guitar along with Mindock bass and Crossman drums.  But Coons, well, he was the catalyst.  His voice was Tom Waits mixed with scotch on a cool evening.  I went to all their shows and even booked some gigs, one at the Whiskey A Go Go, which was a crowning achievement for a kid who grew up behind the Orange County curtain.  “The Doors played on the same stage we did dude!”, he’d always say to me.  Here are a couple of listens:

Blue Zebra – Bad Luck Brown (Fisher vocals, Chris Coons lead guitar, studio recording)

Blue Zebra – Dothan (Chris Coons lead vocals and guitar, live Hollywood)

When Chris bought his car it was the absolute gig-mobile.  He’d take it to all the shows with his ’58 Fender amp and guitar case peeping out from the back seat.  One night Honest Joe, his dad, and I were standing outside of Hogue Barmichael’s looking at the car with amp still inside.  Seriously, I’m not making these names up.  Honest Joe turned to me and said, “I used to drive the same car back in the 60’s and carried around the same amp but my car was green ”  Honest Joe played in a band too.  His nostalgia meter was properly on 11 that night.  I got goose bumps.  Chris now keeps the car at his dad’s place who ends up driving it now and again.

“1961 Ford Thunderbird, clear title, White, red leather interior, High performance 390 engine, tilt away wheel, fender skirts. Good body. Has been in storage.” 

Find it here on Craigslist in St. Joseph, Missouri. 

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