1961 Mini Classic Mini Cooper S

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“This Mini has extensive SCCA history. Raced throughout Southern California in the 70’s it was commonly referred to as the “Bumble Bee” mini as it was painted a combination of white in front with a “bee” body on the back half of yellow with black stripes. After being raced in that configuration for 5 years the car was rebuilt with the wide body flares of the time and painted entirely white which is how it sits now. The car has been instorage for over 20 years but is in very good condition. There is one dent in the lower right rear quarter where the car fell as it came out of storage. Having owned and built my mini of the same vintage from the ground up, the damage is not anything that can’t be easily fixed. Everything else on the car is in very good condition.

I have enough parts to rebuild this car four times over. Some of these parts are very rare, especially the racing bits. I have blocks, heads, transmissions, wheels, supension parts, trim,rubber, it will stagger your mind with what I have to go with this car. This car is my baby as it was my dad’s first race car, but he recently passed away and left me with four other cars including two race cars and I have to part with this incredible little car.” 

On eBay in Niceville, Florida for a Buy it Now of $10,000.  But on June 27, 2011 this failed to get over $3,250 and did not sell.

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