1961 Devin "D" Roadster

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November 15, 2011 – The listing was ended but there was one bid in at $25,000 without tripping the reserve so one can imagine a deal was struck in the vicinity of that price.

November 11, 2011 – Ever since reading the story years ago that a Ferrari 340 chassis was found underneath a Devin, I’ve had my nose to the sweet spot of these.  There will be no confusing this VW power plant and Porsche cookie cutter wheels with the likes of an Enzo build, but nevertheless this one presents well and has a nice family story behind it.

On eBay in Cypress, California for a starting bid of $25,000 that still has a reserve.


It belonged to my wife’s uncle who purchased it either directly from the factory or from a local dealer on Commonwealth Blvd. near Bill Devins factory called “Sweet William” in 1961. It was his daily driver for 7 years “always garaged” until he spun-out on a rainy day near his house in Buena Park and hit a curb bending the transaxle. Put the car up on blocks in his garage and there it sat for 15 years.
While I was dating his niece at the time, now my wife, I saw the fender showing under a blanket and had him remove all the boxes and blankets. I had to have this car so I bugged him for years (tail end of the 15 years) until he sold me the car. The Devin sat in my parents garage for a few years until I moved out and then it sat in my garage a few more years. Well. I told my wife that I was going to sell the car, due to no time to work on it, so she gave me two years to work on it and I completed the restoration in 2004. This cars body is wrapped around the frame with fiberglass for strength and I did not remove the body from frame. This is factory built and I did try to keep as much original as I could.
I did not restore this car to be a trailer queen, it was meant to drive and enjoy as I have now for many years. It has been in my family now for 50 years but I think it’s time to find her a new home. These cars qualify for vintage racing around the world and I would love to see this Devin have a crack at it.

If you want a complete Devin, this is it! Nothing needed. I have everything the Devin came with and pictures to prove it. I don’t believe there are too many Devin “D” models out there still on the road. It does not matter what car show I’m at, I will always be the only one there with a Devin and always the only one on the road going down PCH. This car has been in many magazines (see Pics) here in the States and Europe. This Devin is an attention hog…everyone stops me to ask about it.

POWERPLANT: VW 1776cc Type I

TRANSMISSION: Freeway flyer

BRAKES: Drum all the way around as it was designed back in the day.

STEERING WHEEL: Wood Grant GT. Original looked like it came from a dune buggy with metalflake green tint, didn’t match…sorry….


INTERIOR: Italian Leather on: seats, door panels, side pouches, OMG!!! bar (in front of passenger), and roll bar.

SUSPENSION: Shocks up front and adjustable coil-overs in the rear.

WHEELS: Porsche Cookie Cutters  15″ X 6″ in the front  15″ X 71/2″ in rear

TIRES: Bridgestone Potenza 195/60/15 in front____195/65/15 in rear

Bummers: Small paint chip on driver foot door sill where belt buckle fell…Wiper motor wires not hooked up to wipers, never drive in the rain…That’s all.” 

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