1960 Lancia Appia Coupe

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“1960 Lancia Appia Coupe. This car just came out a barn after a long term storage of 20 years. Waiting to be restored . Very hard to find. For $4,950”
I think rust is still dripping off the car but surprisingly enough, the dash looks pretty decent.  Get rid of whatever black mold is growing inside and you might have something that still looks completely uninspiring.
Cars and coffee chatter: It looks about what you would think when restored.  Pininfarina built the coupé version between 1957 and 1963.

Find it here at Gullwing Motor Cars out of New York.

  1. Dana

    That Lancia is covered in rust — even the engine bay and engine are completely rusted. Wouldn’t this be beyond repair?

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