1960 & ’61 Porsche 356s

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This guy is really smoking the drapes:
“So ask yourself……..do you buy the “complete” project shelling out huge money only to find out all the parts need restored or replaced? Or do you buy a shell and just buy the parts once?  I was just at a swapmeet the other day and an old timer 356er was telling me about his “rustfree” 356 thats never been welded on………….”Sorry” I said “no such thing as a rustfree 356…….some just show it on the outside more than others”. He says “yeah but you can’t see that rust” I say “So whats worse lot’s of rust or hidden rust?” “They both require the same work only the “rustfree” car breaks your heart more as it still needs to be cut open”.  He regrettibly agreed with the truth. These are 50+ year old unibody sports cars,they all need rustwork whether they show it in pictures or from the outside.”

Clearly this guy gutted anything of value and now wants to sell you the leftover salmon.
Proof is in the sale numbers and right now only car four has a bid at $2,999.  All the prices are captioned below the picture. 

On eBay for various prices out of Boring, Oregon.  Car one, two, three, four.
$6,250 BIN or starting bid $5,750

$8,500 BIN or starting bid $5,000

Starting bid $5,250

Starting bid $2,999

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