1959 Triumph TR3 Rustproofed No Reserve

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This guy took pictures of everything with an orange on it.  Not sure why.  I can’t guess what the symbolism or reference would be with an orange.  It’s not a standard size, so it can’t be used to judge distance like a quarter or a CD.   Maybe for color adjustment with the camera?  A peach would have made sense to me since this car is clearly a fruit of some sort. 

This has a replacement engine but was seriously rustproofed with holes drilled everywhere and then filled with goo.  It’s been stored for 35 years.  The owner “almost” forgot he had it.  Wonder if I’ll get to the point where I forget I have cars.  That would be sweet as long as Alzheimers isn’t the reason. 

On eBay in Canton, Georgia for no reserve.

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