1959 Austin Healey Sprite – $3000 (South Lyon, MI)

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“This car needs a full restoration. It is a solid car from North Carolina. The body has surface rust, but no rust through except for the battery box. It includes a title, stock drivetrain, good windshield, dash with gauges, most of the hard parts(cockpit surround, headlight buckets, grille, top bows, etc.). What I don’t have are seat bottoms, interior panels, carpet, top or tonneau.”

Looking like a drunk Pokeman with the Poke and the man (gotta say it like Bill Cosby and then it’s funny).  At a 1/3 of the price you might do ok if you do everything yourself.  These things perfect are still only $10-15K cars. 

Cars and coffee chatter:  After the Bugeye, the AH Sprite was a badge engineered twin to the MG Midget (hence the term ‘Spridget’). The MG was aimed slightly upmarket.

Find it here on Craigslist.

  1. Al

    I absolutely love the bug eye. But they seem to have a body rot issue. I was thinking a good project car would be the bug eye or the older Austin Mini cooper.

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