1958 DeSoto Firedome

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UPDATE: On March 4, 2011 the BIN now for $14,500 was hit.

Original Post: If you saw this on Bring a Trailer, you might be thinking I’m poaching.  Not true.  This is a friend’s car.  I even wrote about driving in it two years ago for a feature story in Motor Car Market. To quote from MCM: 

“We drove in a classic 1958 Desoto with big fins, big bench vinyl seats, big windows.   Big glorious windows that let wind smooth out hat-head hair for a bit of cool.  But the vinyl seats, they just make your butt sweat while looking to follow your legs down to a place where they wish they could stretch out more.  For a huge car, the back seat was surprisingly Dodge Durango… that’d be not big.”
I’m happy to see him selling it to make room for his next mistress as everyone looked at this one going down the block.  As I recall this one was quite the chase for something like six or more months convincing the previous owner it was ok to let go.  Hope she was worth it.
Find it here on eBay in Torrance, California for a BIN of $14,500.

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