1958 BMW Isetta – Original

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“Not many of these left.  1958 BMW Isetta Microcar in original condition.  Low miles, very light body rust on the original 55 year old paint.  A couple minor dings… never had body work done and no bondo or filler on this original baby.  New battery, new BF Goodrich tires, rebuilt front suspension with all original parts except the front shocks from Isettas R Us (still have the original front shocks if you want to re-build them.) I also had the wheels powder coated in their original ivory color. The battery box under the seat was replaced some time ago to accomadate a larger side pole battery.  The interior is all original… even the seats and seat stufffing! The last picture shows ALL the parts necessary to install the original 2 windshield wipers (just received them.)
I would strongly encourage the prospective buyer to come look at this car or send a trusted agent.  A great daily driver or restoration candidate.  I believe this is one of the finest original Isettas left.  But be careful… you can’t drive this car anonymously.  Crowds will form wherever you park or drive!  13 HP, 700 lbs and over 50 miles per gallon… BMW’s first car.”

Would love to pull the trigger on this original Isetta for the Buy it Now of $11,500 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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  1. Will

    This would be fun to hot-rod…double the horsepower, slap an “M” badge on the back of it and irritate all your Bimmer buddies.

  2. Will

    Based on my recent extended road test of a 2013 328i coupe with said “M” package, I’d say the “M” stands for Money or Moron…as in only a moron with money would pay extra for the “M” package. Uncomfortable sport seats, mediocre handling and fairly enemic power. I was very disappointed. For the $52K, you could buy two of my GTIs, which will run circles around it any day of the week.

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