1958 Austin Healey 100-6

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100 S Prototype
There was that Austin Healey 100 S race car that just went for $1.3 million.  If nothing else, you could build this one back up as a replica of that car.  Go out on the track, maybe Le Mans, and see what kind of damage you could do.  By damage, I mean killing people.  50 years later maybe the car will be worth a whole bunch of money.  
Project Car
Look, I know the 100 S prototype racer has incredible provenience but it also took part in the worse crash in Le Mans history killing 84 people, I believe.  While buying the race car for the ladder I find slightly morbid, it goes to show that good press or bad works in your favor.  I think the value of that 100 S also had to do with it being in hiding so long, 42 years.  You really really want what you can’t have.  If it was out and trading hands regularly it might not have doubled the high estimate.

This particular project 100-6 is in Sacramento, California with a reserve on eBay that wasn’t met on Christmas dayBidding stalled at $3,251.99.

“I bought this with the intentions of restoring.  I bought it from the second owner and she had it stored for 32 years in her garage.    During the clean up process a few things went missing.  One item is the transmission, gauges, gas tank, and  one of the leaf spring I do not have.  There are other parts but don’t remember them all.  The engine, rear-end is out of the car but the engine is complete with the carburetor.  he took out the sheet metal from the trunk, and floor pans.  he also cut out the rear wheel wells.  There is sheet metal that is sold online to replace and they are reasonable.  The Body is straight and appears to be original paint.  I would love to restore it but don’t have the time to do so.    The chassis and body does not show any signs of rust.  Awesome project.  Please ask all questions.  I will try to answer it the best I can.  The vehicle is registered with a non op. in  California.”

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