1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta 750 E Sprint Veloce

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UPDATE: Eating crow where I stand.  This sold same day for the $12K BIN.  These have seen an uptick in auction prices where restored but this needs everything. Let’s say $75K for resto plus $12K and you’re at the top of the current curve.

Original Post: The “Wish I put it in a barn because I’m clearly way over optimistic on price” Award has been won.  He probably didn’t even know he was in the running.

On eBay for $12,000.

  1. empm

    “It’s got a great patina to it. I would keep it original, just change out the battery and fluids and drive it as is. You think it might need some new seals after sitting so long?”

    So basically, $12,000 worth of glass?

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