1957 Volkswagen Beetle

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A few things jumped out at me about this one.  First was the paint booth photography.  What a great way to get studio lighting without the studio cost as long as you already own the collision shop like this seller.  The car looks amazing until you get the microscope and study the paint and rust drips.  But it’s original.  

Second was the mileage, only 50,011.  The previous owner drove the car 10,000 miles a year until 1962 and parked it inside.  Low mileage oval window bug with great patina plus solid floor boards.  Which brings me to the final detail what-huh factor?  It was in Traverse City, Michigan.  I’m just not expecting to see cars like this properly stored away for 50 years in Michigan.  

Sold a few hours into the auction.  The Buy it Now was $14,200 eBay.

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