1957 Mercedes 190SL Roadster

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$_4-3 $_4-2 $_4-1 $_4-4 $_4 $_4-5On Saturday night we hung out with my friend Kevin and his family. Thanks again for dinner Kevin! Good stuff. You may be surprised to hear the conversation turned to cars at one point during the night. Maybe twice. I’m not sure if I was holding a Canadian whiskey poured into a funky colorful, thick wine glass, which appalled Kevin’s wife who believed only wine should be served in that glass, or actual red wine in same said glass. Either way, topic of choice was a 1957 Mercedes-Benz that Kevin’s friend once owned. Sip. He apparently sold the running and driving vehicle for $24K some time ago which most likely marked a profit for him or hopefully his money back. Sip, sip. Don’t look now, but you you can’t even meet the reserve of this disheveled erector set, paint by numbers project with the $24K. Sip, refill, gulp.

Bidding at $26,000+ on eBay in Brook Park, Ohio with reserve not met.


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