1956 Austin Healey 100-4 & 1958 100-6

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August 1, 2011 – This did not cross the reserve at $14,210.50.

July 22, 2011:
This and that, 

Hanging or flat,
Burnt and rusted,
Restoration a must have,
Bring the Gunk®,
Don’t forget the junk in the trunk.

This auction is for two vehicles:

Austin Healey 100-4, 1956, restoration condition.
Austin Healy 100-6, 1958, burnt-out.

On eBay for a start of $8,000 with a reserve in not so close Cape Town, West Africa.

Austin Healey 100-4:
The 100-4 has been stored in a locked garage for many years. Previously, it was amateurishly resprayed red. The 100-4 is ready for restoration, it appears to be complete, but some parts could be missing. (There IS a front grill – despite it being missing from a photo) The tires are in good condition. The car has one area of rust on the chassis, behind the front wheel arch (see photo). It is not in running in order. There are no maintenance records available. License and ownership papers are available.

BN2 number: BN2 233331

Austin Healey 100-6:
We are combining the auction with a burnt-out, Austin Healey 100-6, 1958 model.
Previously, the owner stripped the 100-6 to a shell, which was stored under canvas outside. The body is now covered with surface rust. All removable parts were stored in a garage. It appears that all the major components (including the engines) of the burnt-out Healey are accounted for.

The parts for these two Healeys are mixed together, therefore, we are combining these two cars into one auction.
Extra parts for both of the Healeys have been bought over the years. Please see the attached photos.
We will not be selling the two Healeys separately, due to the possibility of the wrong parts going with the wrong car.

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