1952 Siata 300 BC

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“This auction is for a very rare 1952 SIATA 300 BC ….  eBay does not have a Siata selection when listing cars for sale “THIS IS NOT A FERRARI” …

Now with that said this car is extremely rare Italian sports car with only 50 produced and they have not all been found to this day . This car has a complete aluminum body with opening doors and its original hood . The frame/chassis is still attached to the body and I do have the rear axle with leaf springs and all correct “rare” 4 wheels . These cars can fetch well over $200,000 when properly finished and they are almost never available for purchase. This car will need a full restoration but parts can be found and I have done some research and I have shown this car to the owners of the Siata website with over 30 years experience they confirm its real. This car has been with its current family since the early 80’s and we do not know the racing history of this car . The trim I.D. plate is missing but research shows it to be either the  5th, 6th, 8th, or 9th  Siata 300 BC built in 1952 … I am happy to show this car to anyone by appointment it is 30 min from Will Rogers World Airport ….”

eBay does have a section for “other makes” but ok put it under Ferrari.  Would love to find a little project like this buried for 30 years.

Here’s a little more information at 300bc.com.

On eBay in Oklahoma City with the reserve not met over $25K.

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