1944 WWII Amphibious Military DUKW by GMC

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Reader Aaron forwarded this over.  It’s not something I’d usually consider due to my lack of appreciation for anything military.  But I’m slowly coming around to WWII Jeeps and this crazy f-u “I’m going through the river and over the woods to grandmother’s house” rig. 

Link to the owner’s site.  Link to the war neutral bank you’ll most likely need to get the $90K loan to buy it. 

“This DUKW is the most original in the world. It was found in Pontiac Michigan at a GM storage warehouse and was place in storage in 1948. It remained in the same warehouse until 2004. This GMC DUKW was never issued to the US Government and was used by GM for radio testing, service manual photos and general vehicle development and testing.

No field modifications , bed side pockets were never cut out to accommodate the 105mm Howitzer and the side hat channels were never cut out to permit water drainage. This DUKW has never left Michigan and never seen salt water.
All new seals, bellows and gaskets in drive-train have been replaced. The engine runs quiet & strong. No lifter noise runs like new, no oil leaks with all new gaskets and seals. The DUKW goes down the road very nice on the new tires. Original bilge pumps in working order. All the lights work & it is street legal to go from road to water. The winch operates perfect, it is a real pleasure to drive & swim. All original air inflation hubs in working order. All new Beachwood canvas this year.

This is the most original WWII DUKW complete with anchor and all tools.

Manufacturer: Yellow Truck and Coach Company
Production year: 1944
Engine: GMC over-head-valve,270-cid, 94-hp, liquid-cooled, in-line six-cylinder, gasoline
Length: 31 feet
Width: 8 feet, 2-7/8 inches
Height: 10 3 feet, Ring Mount
Weight: 14,880 pounds
Armament: Browning M2 .50 cal fake. machine-gun on an M36 ring mount
Maximum Speed, Road: 45 mph
Maximum Speed, Water: 6.3 mph

K=All wheel drive;
W=Twin rear wheel axles.

Located in Fenton, Mi
$90,000 or best,
I have three other DUKWs to sell, all are swimmers

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